The Communicator!

Got a new job, landed my face in the Memorial University Communicator because of it, here's the link.


WiE in The Telegram

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Mr. Plow

I went for a ride in a snow plow with a guy named Terry. Then I wrote all about it in a paper called The Scope. Like so...

Mr. Plow



MUN is looking to get more engaged, seeing that I too have recently become more engaged, they asked me what an engaged MUN would look like in 10 years? I gave them a two-parter to be ready by 2020.

Part 1   |   Part 2


Words in(dy) Edgewise

Aimee Wall says nice things about WiE in The Independent and manages to splice together enough of my interview to make me sound less like a dunce than normal. Thanks Aimee.

Bringing the University Downtown