Cancer Patient Escapes Escapism

I am neither thankful nor hungry.
Well I am slightly hungry.
For Mars bars.
For bar bars.
For blar blar blar bars.

Intimidating daters with date squares.
Circle's got the square.
Whoopi for the block.
What in the hell happened to Whoopi?

Bruce Vilanch must be a marvellous lover.
Of all the things there is to wonder.
Of all the things I often wonder.
I wonder why I wonder this alone in the dark.
Bruce Vilanch must be a marvellous lover.

Making Whoopi!

Good luck getting that image out from the back of your mind.
The image of Bruce Vilanch and Whoopi making whoopi.
In the centre square.

That will not come out with soap and water.
No amount of elbow grease will make you clean again.
It is burned there.
Where it will live forever.
You sick bastard!

Bruce Vilanch IS a marvellous lover.

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Anonymous said...

Grammar correction in the first line: or should be nor.

I saw the Dutch version of Banany at a grocery store in Sint Maarten. I was tempted to buy some for you since I know you love Banany as much as you love Mars bars (?) but they only came in packs of 10 and, well, that's just too much Banany for a single human being to digest in a lifetime.