Two-Dollar Whores, Toonie Tuesdays, Two-Dollar Super Show and Other Brilliant Two-Dollar Investments

Hey did you know, I own the moon?

It is -17C outside my window. The snow is blowing. The uneaten banana in the backseat of my car is frozen and brown. Yet, there is a fly buzzing about my lamp's lightbulb. I considered killing it deader than the dead of winter. But I reconsidered when I considered how incredibly tough this fly must be to have plowed through the last three days of -30C in a heatless house and to live to annoy me again. The fly is my new hero. One day I will slog through the most adverse shit you ever did see to emerge on the other side as annoying as ever.

The fly just landed on my forehead, and when I went to gently remove it it didn't move and was squished. How terribly sad and disasterous for that fly. The bastard had it coming.

What I meant to say was I saw something amazing this eve. Not that you care. But you should. I will tell you regardless. Decent shows are few and farther between in these parts. But every so often you drag yourself away from the farm and drive through hellish blizzards to see a little rock followed up by a little roll. (And then he realizes that plays on words involving rock and/or roll as they relate to the music genre is worse than throwing up on your bride on your wedding day and he hates himself a little more than he did yesterday.) And maybe, just maybe, you will see something that thaws your cold feet. Maybe, just maybe, you will see something that warms the cockels of your cold coke bottle hands. Maybe, just maybe, you will have your mind melted into a steaming little puddle of mind at your cold feet as you bob back and forth with all the other cold soldiers with cold shoulders having their minds melted into steaming little puddles of mind at their cold feet. This is what I went through between hour long white knuckled joy rides through white wintery wonderlands. It was wonderful.

The offending party was the rookies FUTURE CREATURE (be forewarned, the music contained herein on this here webpage is splendid but the Creature is a full blown band now and nearly unrecognizable were it not for the splendor). They played only four songs but that was enough to pound the delight delightfully into both ears and fill up the space in between. It was twenty of the greatest minutes I have ever heard. Twenty of those minutes that seem to stop, leave you teetering on the brink, before they end before their time and you tumble down the cliff to your reminiscent demise in a formerly mighty creek (or crick as they call them in these parts). It is sort of like a time hiccup. Or a time sneeze. One of those strange sensations that is so out of the ordanary, so extraordanary, so splendid while it happens, yet so ephemeral that you aren't quite satisfied, just titilated. Leaving you grasping for more and only getting high fives and hand shakes. But oh, what twenty minute hiccup/sneeze that was.

And all of this for two-dollaros.

Addendum: I am not the only one, Sound Guy at Vat says FUTURE CREATURE sounds "kind of like early Supertramp."

Do you own the moon? I don't think so.

(Fish monger drawing by the talented hands of Future Creature main squeeze Logan Murray).

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Sound Guy at the Vat said...

"Kind of like early Supertramp!"