Glenn Gould's left ring finger...

•If you have the opportunity, and I strongly urge you to do so, you must find a recording of Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations and to listen to such things at high volumes through headphones. I did this entirely by mistake and you can hear the ghost of Glenn Gould humming in the background. This will change your life much more profoundly than it normally would, and normally the change is quite drastic. It makes me want to paint something.
•Mother, I have a copy of his biography, A Life in Variations, it is on the small shelf at the foot of my bed. I bought it in the midst of my last infatuation with the man's genius, and now that I have heard his voice in his Variations that infatuation is back. Last week it was Leonard Cohen, next week someone new. Mother, send it express, with your love. I need it.
•Daggers through windshields like icicles.
•Walking back from the store in the cold I thought I had a paper cut on the tip of my finger. Turns out it was just the changing of the seasons.
•Would a novel completely in list form sell?
•Does it matter?
•Magicians are horrible people like The Prestige is a horrible film.
•Killing your twin, cloned or otherwise, is the ultimate disappearance act.
•I have given it away.
•I have given it all away.
•There is no more to give.
•When you start sounding like the Red Hot Chilly Dippers it is time to stop.

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