Gene Jacket Out Loud!

You may recall Gene Jacket from a couple of weeks back. Well it has been unleashed live and out loud on the world, or on a bar of surly francophones near closing time. Reaction was seemingly positive. Though I am certain the only breath taken away was Caroline Area Man's, as reading 8 pages in 3 minutes has a tendency to do that to a dude.

He thought I was a precocious what-meiser? Why do I need to see my doctor? Poets are crazy!
Caroline Area Man will perform at children's birthday parties, Legion potlucks, company golf tournaments, and small town jamborees. Please contact for more information and rates.


Anonymous said...

GY! Loved it! I'd like to think the inclusion of Starbucks is a special nod to me, as well as the reference to Krapp's Last Tape, which I do believe was enjoyed in its entirety only by us. You are fabulous and I miss you.

Robin Harlequin said...

A fine presentation my dear! I was impressed by the way you projected your voice and the manner in which you carelessly discarded each page. The presentation was a poem in itself. HOWEVER, the first rule of francophone open mic poetry is never EVER clean up the mess you made. By bending over and gathering up those papers I fear you have lost the respect of the francophones. They were putty in in your poetry wielding hands..and now its all lost...all lost.

Tam said...

Gene Henneigh would be proud. *sniffle* We miss you, Mo. You are brilliant. A liar, albeit, but brilliant no less. Horses are not your weakness. Orange and blue plastic Wayne Gretzky lunch boxes, perhaps. Ridiculous ORANGE t shirts with horses on them, perhaps. But horses??? Naaaaaaah.

Love you lots.
BigSis and WeeWill