Lawnmower Leftovers

The lights were left on. Left out. Left over. And over. And over, again. Beginning from the left to the right. Young versus old. A tale older than thyme itself. Thyme after thyme. Ancient Egyptians used thyme for embalming. Now we use time. We use thyme to wash our filthy mouths out with soap when we offend the decency of our mothers virgin ears. And when confronted by our saviors we spit in their ears. And split hairs and atoms and Cry, Cry, Cry over split milk and split beans and split pea soup capital punishment and capital Corn Flakes. And folly. And Mick Folley's socks and underwear and under wire bra bending mind-changing life-altered states of denial. Peter on Jesus: who? Man in bow-tie on me: who? Cocks cry, cry, cry. But chin up and Cheerio.

Like buckshot through bullet proof Canada Council Grant Applications for guys named Grant to stare at bums in malls. Otherwise we just don't understand. We never will understand. Did Johnny Cash offer Jesus Al Frankenscence, Gold Bullion Cubes, Murr and thyme? Did his mother give John McCain a bracelet? Well?

I've got a bracelet too!

Brace for it.

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