Wear Have You Bean My Hole Life?

There comes a point, I suppose, that you fall so far behind, lose such track, get lost so deeply in the woods, that the idea of catching up is no longer improbable, but downright impossible. So I am at the point of impossible. So I give you this brief synopsis of everything I have lent my head, heart, health, and hands to in the past several months that have zig-zagged me at varying speeds across this little land o' ours.

1. Moved home.
2. Played nursemaid.
3. Bought a home.
4. Built a store.
5. Built a home.
6. Drove from here to there.
7. Here is St. John's, Newfoundland.
8. I am here now.
9. Oh, it's called grad school. I guess.
10. Cut my head off.

That about sums that up.

Maybe one day I will revile you with tall tales of all these silly adventures and how much I am learning about word usage.

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giulia said...

What are you in grad school for???